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John Madison McMichael

Jackson, Butts Co GA
Fourth generation Scot Irish American pioneer, he did everything right from marrying for life Elizabeth Griffin , raising 10 children in a frontier environment to as Georgia developed into a state serving as a State Senator. Son of an American Revolution soldier, William, and same Grandfather soldier, John Thomas,, his scot irish heritage came by way of Scotland–Carmichaels in Appin and McMichaels like the Presbyterian Covenanters, Daniel and James of Dairy Galloway then Robert in Ulster Ireland. So much history went under the bridge from Randolf in Ullster to his sons John and Charles off the boat in PA, John the first Amercan’s son, John of Mechlenburg NC to William of GA to John Madison of Jackson Buttes County GA. {Reader mut be reminded these states and counties did not exist at the time but for the most part was Indian teritory. Lois McMichael in her history of Buttes co says that John Madison was one of the 5 original settlers Creek Indian Chief McIntosh invited south of the Oclumogee River to graze their cattle, later to assist the US in buying the land.

Lois McMichael writes in the HISTORY OF BUTTS COUNTY GEOGIA, “Before the treaty at Indian Springs {1821 ceded by Chief William McIntosh}, a few settlers from Jasper County {the home of John Madison and his father William, the American Revolution soldier from Mecklenburg NC and SC} who were friends of William McIntosh** were invited by him to cross the Ocmulgee River and to pasture their cattle in the canebrake which covered the rich ‘bottom land’. Among these first comers who settled along the McIntosh Trail wee Samuel Clark, John McMichael and the Phillips brothers, Dred and Jonathon.” You can see on the Georgia map of thehalf ga creek land in 1800 1800s that most of the state was Creek Indian Land, also that the border of Jasper County is the Ocmulgee River where John and his father crossed to settle in what would become Jackson, Butts County, Georgia.

**How interesting it would be to know how John Mc and William McIntosh became friends, and how far back as John’s great grandfather of Bucks County with his brother Charles were Indian Traders, and they attempted mission work among the Indians. Also when 5 children of John Madison decided in 1840 to find “rich land” in the new Republic of Texas, as Lois says, they moved to the same Cass and Marion counties of East Texas as the richest woman in Texas, RebeccaMcIntoshRebecca McIntosh a daughter of Chief William McIntosh. “Le monde et petit.”