Hebrew History, Prophets and Prophesy, The 19 Writing Prophets

The 19 Writing Prophets: Their Common Message and the SBC*.

*NOTE:  SBC stands for the Southern Baptist Convention, and SRB stands for the Scofield Reference Bible, which is the single definitive factor and caused warfare in and spit the once largest Protestant denomination in the world, the SBC.

What caused the destructive split in the SBC after the feudamentalists of the fundamentalists takeover?
Pride, sin, and a false literalism centered around the hidden elephant in the Convention, the Scofield Reference Bible.
(1) PRIDE the pride of a small group, thinking of themselves “more highly than they ought to” and willing to override or overlook both soul-competency and the priesthood of believers among SB people as they devised behind closed doors and carried out successfully a wicked 10 year plan to control the SBC consistent with their Scofield Reference Bibles; (2) SIN the abounding the sin of the Falling Away that allowed them to overcome love of fellow Christian brothers of the SBC, in particular pastors and teachers, to destroy their reputations and careers; (3) False Literalism, the ingenuity of a false literalism, and scapegoat warfare, that served to protect their SRBs and sermons notes, striving to prove that such Scofield words of “rapture”, “millennium”, and “dispensationalism” should be accepted as if they are in the Bible (their definitions of literalism).
Can we simultaneously consider this pride, sin, and false literalism of the SBC takeover and split with the MESSAGE of the Writing Prophets which is: God’s people are not acting like God’s people, and inevitable judgment from God will come upon them now for rectification and final judgment for the justice of righteousness.

Yes, as surely as is sin, pride, and false prophets are a significant part of the Message of the 19 Writing Prophets.
First an online study that will help, “Understanding the Writing Prophets”:
“As you know, we are in the midst of what may be called an Old Testament Survey, a series entitled “From Creation to the Cross.” The purpose of this series is to provide us with a better working knowledge of the Old Testament Scriptures, a better understanding of God’s progressive revelation, and a fresh look at the unfolding drama of redemption which culminates in Jesus Christ.
The previous two lessons discussed the ministry of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, which has given us some insight into the deteriorating situation in Israel, Judah, and the divided kingdom. Following on the heels of Elijah and Elisha, God raised up new prophets to speak for him. These new prophets continued in the prophetic tradition of Moses. They continued in the spirit of Elijah. I call these new prophets the writing prophets to distinguish them from their predecessors, for they are unique in that their prophecies are written down for us. I am referring of course to the Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel) and the Twelve Minor Prophets (the final twelve books of our Old Testament). In fact, it may be helpful to turn to the Table of Contents in your Bible to see them all listed.”