Fundamentalists and the Southern Baptists

Fundamentalism and the Southern Baptist Convention #1

Fundamentalism is the key issue in the SBC, don’t kid yourself, this belief system and Scofieldism, is always the elephant in the room with Convention meetings and sermons, although not mentioned generally, instead you hear fancy acroynms and military terms like task-force and other theological and church administration jargon (which is of course the way they were trained mainly instead of primarily on Bible). You can see this bold assertion with two recent events centered around now famous Southern Baptist, a sermon on Fundamentalists by the newly elected President of the SBC, and a new movie which you may have seen about the most famous Southern Baptist of all time, Billy Graham–both out of North Carolina.
If you saw and listened carefully on TV the film “Billy Graham, an Extraordinary Journey”, you head how there was a crisis in the early ministry of Evangelist Graham as in their words “he was disturbed to the core of his beliefs in literal Bible by the old fundamentalists who did not believe all of the Bible, from cover to cover as he did.”
And if you have sought to learn something of the new Southern Baptist generation of preachers and pastors typified in the beliefs, blogs, and sermons of the newly elected President of the Convention, J.D. Greear, hopefully you have run across his message of “Don’t be a Fundamentalists (Calvinist or otherwise)”.
1. An Introduction to “Billy Graham, an Extraordinary Journey” at .
2. President of the SBC in 2018, J. D. Greear on “Don’t be a Fundamentalists (Calvinist or otherwise) at .


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