Scots and McMichaels by grace and guidance, some oral history

John Mc the First of Bucks Co PA

As stated in John of Mechlenburg {you have noticed the sequence is backwards in history from John Madison McMichael of Butts Co GA, to John the Distiller of Mechlenburg and now to John the First, so called because he was the first John of this McMichael strain, along with his brother Charles also an Indian Trader in PA, to come from Randolf McMichael, the original Scot Irishman of Ulster Ireland.  {It is another story to be covered later how the Kings of England encouraged and often move the Scot Presbyterians to Ulster in northern Ireland to stabilize the Catholic Irish.}

Anyway as stated in John of Mechlenburg, John the First’s grand entrance into the new world is traceable with the event of the 5 ships suddenly in the Boston Harbor.

“If there was a John McMichael of this strain of Scot-Irish, like John of Mechlenburg or John the First Indian agent like his brother Charles, both sons of Randolf McMichael of Ulster Ireland {how the Scots came to Ulster is another short story}, then there was a Mill and they in early colonial history were called “millers” by trade, sort of like the trade of mill wright that developed later.  The arrival of John the First can be traced with the famous “5 ships in Boston harbor” where a rep of the famous preacher John Cotton attempted to hire John the First cheap as a miller.”Wintrop Mill_001

Some of the legal deeds and documents on this John:

  1.   Oldest sure record of John of Meclenburg, “1769 11 Feb. John Kimber of Mecklenburg Co. to John McMichael of same for b 30 proc money and on both sides Allison’s Creek adj. Indian Granted John Kimbre (sic)  {between Shagaw Creek and McMickells Creek}

NOTE: first sure record IN STONE of John Sr in 1769 in Mecklenburg NC, and then 8 years later, 1777, in Camden District SC–no date on the first deed purchased in Green co after the land lottery that brought him to Jasper/ Since John died in Jasper county there is solid record of him in GA. less scant record in SC and NC; and before that the speculation that he came from PA is Lois speculation with attempts to link him to the famous John and Charles of Bucks county.

2.  John Mc of Mechlenburg. Lived in Wilkinson got Greene Co in Land Lottery. David , John Jr. and William moved to Jasper Co Ga. The first record found is a Deed Record on 2 page 34 Greene Co Ga…John McMichael Sr and Mary his wife of land containing 100 acres, beginning at the maypole running to a Wahoo on the Creek, with all improvements, J Jackson, Wm Baldwin Isaac McLendon Testators.

3.  1777 Oct. 10 Moses Ferguson (Schoolteacher) and wife Martha of Camden
Dist. SC to John McMichael Distiller of same, for b in Tyron
Co. on Long Creek on the w side Catawba near Adam Meeks corner, Thoma Eelshes line, granted to sd. Ferguson 28.
4.  1803 Office of Ordinary, Green County, Book E Page 48 Returns and
Appraisements John McMichael deceased…Mary McMichael and Wm
McMichael applied for letters of admin. Aug 6. 1803. Also pg. 82
1803 Greene Co. Ga Court Minutes PP 154-160-168 William & Mary McMichael
requested letters of Admin. on John Dec’d. Court refused saying there
was a will but it was missing. This John McMichael deceased in 1803 could not be the same John McMichael deceased in 1769, 34 years previous and obviously one generation in between. If we could find another John McMichael of the six chilren of this John McMichael, the work of Lois would make sense. Or even a John McMichael jr that was a son of Charles.


5.  John McMichael, owner of a grist mill, (born 1725, probably in Scotland), moved from Pa to Georgia with his wife Mary Irving. When John’s father died in PA, John would have been 33; and Charles must have stayed in PA when John went to Mechlenburg, and in Orangeburg District South Carolina when NC border changed where William was born in 1749.

6.  Brother of John, Charles McMichael, The Indian Trader, born by speculation in 1700 in Scotland or Ireland, died 1758 in Pa. Charles McMichael, an immigrant from Belfast, Ireland, was granted letters as an Indian trader by the proprietary government of PA on June 21, 1743. {Obviously Charles had gotten out of Scoland before the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, and it can be speculated that after the 1715 rebellion could have been motivation to go to Ireland, or with some of the clan warfare, sooner. Then he could have been Irish, as my father thought all the time.} He moved into Monroe Co., PA, and settled on McMichael Creek which today flows through this area.McMichaels_creek_3




3 thoughts on “John Mc the First of Bucks Co PA

  1. Gerry Hill says:

    I see a lot of oirginal work I did in Greene Co, some of it just cut and paste, But did not see a credit anywhere. Gerry Hill a 39 year researcher of this family.


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